“Volunteering for Humanity”
Project has ended
“Volunteering for Humanity” is a technical assistance project funded by the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative of DG ECHO and is composed of three small, community and international development volunteer organisations from across the EU. An international development and volunteering organisation from Ireland called VMM is leading this project and will share their knowledge and expertise with us and our partners Keric from Slovakia. The project will run for two years. In this way, small international development organisations will increase their capacity to react and be involved in local and global humanitarian and development actions in communities across the EU and the Global South.
Operating alongside the large, well-known, relief-aid charities who react to natural and man-made disasters around the world, long-term, resilience and capacity-building, community and volunteer-based organisations are necessary and complementary to the work and goals of these bigger, relief-aid NGOs. ‘Volunteering for Humanity’ organisations, whose mission is a partnership approach to local and international development in order to build a better “world where we live and work in the shelter of one another”; connect directly with the communities around them, or those on the other side of the world, as equals.
The objective of our Volunteering for Humanity project is to pool our collective talents and resources to build the capacity of each of our volunteer organisations so that we are better able to participate in community and international development projects along with the bigger, well-known, professional NGOs. The big NGOs tend to focus on emergency aid relief more than the long-term, capacity and resilience building projects of VMM and our project members, which help to prevent emergencies or which continue to help and empower communities long after an emergency is officially declared over.
As well as certification as EU Aid Volunteers sending organisations, Volunteering for Humanity’s aim is to spread the lessons, methods and resources of our project to a wider network of volunteer community and international development organisations in Europe and beyond.

"Volunteering for Humanity" Consortium Partners

Viatores Christi, Ireland

Viatores Christi (VC) is an Irish-based development organisation supporting and working within the faith-based international development sector. VC works with over 30 partners across a wider range of sectors in focusing mainly on East and Southern Africa, but with projects in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. VC addresses these needs through through project support and when needed through the recruitment, training and placement of skilled volunteers.

Keric, Slovakia
Community-based organisation, Keric, host international volunteers from all corners of the globe with local volunteers in Slovakia with a mission of social inclusion, by connecting local youth with the wider world, to broaden their horizons and help them to become more open and tolerant towards other cultures. For many, the adult courses, school workshops and cultural activities hosted by Keric are their only opportunity to do this.

Adice, France

ADICE acts for the social and professional promotion of the public by allowing everyone to benefit from an international experience, taking into account the capacities and aspirations of each one, in a logic of promotion and by favoring a dynamic and coherent approach of the mobility.
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