Society and NGOs - Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid
Project has ended
The project aims to create favorable conditions for the public and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to participate in the development, improvement and participation in development cooperation (DCI), global education, humanitarian aid and sustainable development activities. The project aims to increase opportunities for public and NGO participation in public governance, to raise awareness of transparent governance and operation, and to tolerate corruption. The project will aim at raising social awareness, strengthening social cohesion and ensuring equal opportunities for all.

The target group of the project is made up of several segments - the public (tailored target activities for different age groups); NGOs involved in development cooperation, global education, humanitarian aid; decision makers (policymakers), media. The following activities will be undertaken to improve the participation of these groups in policy-making, implementation, anti-corruption, interest and active citizenship:
(1) Enhancing the capacity of NGOs, the public and policy-makers by organizing and developing targeted training in capacity building, anti-corruption and targeted training on specific topics;
2) analyzes, studies and studies on targeted areas of expertise in the areas of development cooperation, humanitarian aid, global education, sustainable development, involving Lithuanian experts and highlighting good practices and solutions to the above-mentioned problems;
3) overseeing and publishing funding information, funding monitoring and anti-corruption guidelines;
4) developing recommendations for public governance, communication guidelines, policy making, publicizing and initiating dialogue;
5) Strengthening the competences of NGO members through targeted training;
6) public awareness and active involvement in activities.

NGOs regardless of geographical, social, economic or cultural aspects.

The project is funded under Priority 10 of the European Union Funds Investment Operational Program 2014-2020 10.1.2-ESFA-K-917 "Initiatives to Increase Public Intolerance against Corruption and Promote Participation in Public Governance".
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