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THE HAPPY 2.0 PROJECT aims to develop a model of empowerment of young people (especially NEETs) though volunteering on the international and local level.

Thrugh the so called HAPPY model the project strives, on one hand, to support unemployed young people and NEETs, and those in long-term unemployment, to build competences that will give them better chances to be included in the labour market and on the other hand, to contribute to the development and empowerment of local volunteering structures in Nepal, Mexico and Vietnam.

HAPPY model stands for:

Help. The volunteer’s main task is to run a project in support of the local community. Volunteers use their time, energy and competencies to help those most in need, while at the same time helping themselves.

Absorb. The volunteering services should be done in a way to support the learning of the volunteers at a maximum in various personal and professional competencies..

Participate. Apart from their regular projects (usually service-oriented) the volunteers should be engaged in at least one other action as a manifestation of their activeness.

Promote. The volunteers that do volunteering services in another continent are perceived as ambassadors of global change. They will promote both the idea of volunteering as an act of active citizenship and the idea of sustainable global development.

Youth. Activities fitting the interests of the young people, being youth-friendly and fun!
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