Video: Volunteering For Humanity: Afete Shabani, Volunteer nurse at NGO Youth for Refugees
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Afete lives in Presevo, Serbia. She is a part of youth led organization “Youth for Refugees”. The emergence of the Balkan Route in 2015 and its development in 2016 has temporarily shifted the geographical axis of the refugee-related migrations. After having been taken by about one million unregistered migrants in 2015, in March 2016 the Balkan Route was officially closed; however, a significant number of people were entering the Serbian territory despite the official impossibility to continue North via Hungary or Croatia. This has led to a high number of stranded migrants in the country that counted for more than 7000 individuals by the end of May 2017.
Refugees travel from the Greek border to the Serbian border by train, arriving to Tabanovce. From Tabanovce, they have to walk about 2 kilometers to reach the first Serbian check-point where their documents and their luggage are checked and examined. Then, they have to walk another 2 kilometers to reach Miratovac where they can take a bus to go to the registration center in Presevo, Serbia.
This video is part of the "EU AID Volunteers - Volunteering for Humanity" project funded by the European Commission and the „Development cooperation and NGOs“ project funded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Social Security. Find out more: #VolunterringForHumanity
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