LADDER - Local authorities as drivers for development education and raising awareness
Projektas pasibaigęs
The project aims to introduce SDGs and development cooperation (DC) issues to the 15-30 years old Lithuanian youth in interactive and attractive way, urging them to get involved in implementing the SDGs. The partners of the project established number of actions, which will involve youth in relevant issue-solving and discussions. There are three main dimensions: 1) theoretical (lectures/discussions about SDGs, DC), 2) practical activities (essay-contest, impersonating and performing selected SDGs issues at Forum theatre, development of cooperation strategies/ plans), and 3) a one-day event in September - World’s Best News (WBN) – in cooperation with other European cities. For the WBN event there will be a concert organised in Vilnius Cathedral square. Besides the performance of popular Lithuanian band, the results of the whole campaign will be presented. The newspaper “World’s Best News” will be also distributed by volunteers. We are convinced, that interactive presentation of the SDGs will not only get youth interested into the topic(s), but also will stimulate to actively get involved in implementing SDGs (via volunteering, responsible consumption, etc.). Project is implemented by the like-thinking and acting partners, and consulted by the social partners.
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