Capacity building project between Lithuanian NGDO Platform and Uganda National NGO Forum
Project has ended
The aim of this project is to strengthen the internal governance of the Lithuanian NGDO Platform and Uganda National NGO Forum in order to improve the co-operation between the Platform/Forum and its members. As the member organizations of the Platform/Forum are of different profiles in the context of development co-operation, this project will help to identify potential areas of co-operation and improve project governance skills. Through increased activity in regards to development co-operation topics in Lithuania and Uganda, the Platform/Forum will seek to strengthen the advocacy of members’ position on development co-operation questions. The project’s goals will be achieved through sharing experience in communication, organizational governance and strategic planning with other FORUS members; also through carrying out trainings for the Platform’s/Forum member organizations on project proposal writing, needs assessment and organization development; as well as through providing coaching for writing internal policy documents in order to achieve better governance.

The main objective is to improve the national platforms’ internal governance in order to strengthen cooperation and communication with their members. The long-term goal of the project is to strengthen the institutional, administrative capacity and competencies of the platforms and their members in order to strengthen the partnership, cooperation, publicity and work efficiency of the platforms and other Lithuanian and Ugandan NGOs.

As part of this project, Forus plans to support national platforms and develop decentralized capacity development activities implemented by national platforms.
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