Trust in Development
Trakų g. 15-3, Vilnius
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Director Lina Jasutienė
NGO "Trust in Development" unites professionals and enthusiasts with European and Asian backgrounds. Multi-cultural experience and education are successfully employed while implementing various projects focused on crisis management, support for UN Millennium Goals, monitoring of human rights and socio-economic development in under-developed countries.

NGO “Trust in Development” was established in 2007 and with relentless efforts it implemented projects in Indonesia, Thailand, Belgium and Lithuania aimed at the protection of human rights in post-conflict society and socio-economic development in under-developed countries. NGO “Trust in Development” cooperates with Lithuanian and foreign academic entities, embassies, NGOs sector in Indonesia, Thailand, Ukraine, Belgium, Georgia and Lithuania, UNDP and various experts who support its aims.

The activities are concentrated but not limited to mainly on the three areas:

1. Human rights and democratization. It is very important to promote human rights standards be it in the war-torn societies or well-developed countries. The violation of human rights has no boundaries and may not be justified wherever it takes place and whoever it commits. It monitors human rights situation with a special focus on anti-corruption, refugees, IDPs, ethnic minorities, and genders. Target-oriented courses, trainings, and seminars are organized in various countries to disseminate the information on human rights and to prepare experts.

2. Humanitarian assistance and conflict management. It seeks to contribute to peace initiatives and assistance projects around the globe and to implement various projects related to persons suffering from humanitarian disasters, conflicts, and post-conflict rehabilitation. Peaceful initiative and activities related to are placed high on our agenda. Keeping in mind the necessity to continue Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration programs as well as UN Millennium Development Goals, NGO aims at various initiatives in the war-torn regions.

3. Social and economical development. It acknowledges the need to curb hunger, poverty, illiteracy, AIDS, and social injustice in the world. It invites both national and international donors who have the same feeling as we have to assist social vulnerable groups and protect their interests. Under the auspices of UN Millennium Development Goals it is very import to organize social-economical reintegration projects in different regions which will consolidate and support societies.

NGO experts have collected priceless experience from international missions, which are successfully utilized in the activities of governmental agencies, international organisations and NGOs sector. NGO “Trust in Development” stands ready for any cooperation and activities corresponding with its aims and goals.
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